Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who Needs Pottery Barn?

When you live where there is no Pottery Barn and you just want cute stuff for your new bundle of joy, you just have to be creative. So, I went shopping at "The Used Furniture Market" at Soog Shabby (Soog in Arabic is like a big market). You could consider this one or two steps down from a GoodWill. Here you can find all sorts of neat things (or junky things)... you just have to sort through the endless piles of clutter. On a good day, you can be sure to find a keep sake. So, last week, a friend and I went shopping looking for a baby changing table and that is just what we found! So, after Stephen and I washed, bleached, and painted it... we have a beautiful changing table! Later in the week we were shopping for furniture and I found a wonderful glider rocker (at a real furniture store :-)) and Stephen bought me an early Anniversary present. Next week is TWO YEARS and we couldn't be happier. What a blessing to wake up every day beside the one God has made for you!