Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NC State Fair!!!!

This past week ended the NC State Fair and we were thankful to go one night before all the lights went out! We have some friends that went to school with us before we left for the sandbox and we've now made it a tradition that when we're in America, we go to the fair! The funniest part for us was before we even arrived in the gate. We were pulling around the corner to park our car when Sadie Mac saw all the lights and glitz of the fair and screamed!! We thought at first she was afraid, but when we looked back to her seat she was clapping and grinning from ear to ear, we were glad she was going to experience this!
Granted, going to the fair with children is much different than when we were child-less in terms of rides and what not (along with being 34 weeks pregnant!)! But we had a blast... eating and laughing and seeing all the sites! Sadie LOVED it and by the end of the night was pooped out in her stroller with all the excitement her little two year old heart could handle!

We spent way too much money trying to win her this little toy "Domo"! The only place we've seen this cartoon toy was in Egypt and Sadie LOVED it... when she saw it, she went nuts and so we both tried and eventually won it! Yay for Daddy the hero!

Riding the carosel (with fear in her eyes!)

We decided just to sit as she wasn't that huge fan of riding the horse!

Sadie Mac and Rylee in the get away car with Sponge Bob and Scooby

Krispy Kreme Burger?? (No, we didn't try it!! That is a heart-attack just waiting to happen!)

Fun pic!

Daddy's and their little girls riding the "tilt'a'whirl" dragon!

Stephen and Ben racing down the huge slide. Ben won, but cheated!! ;-)

Poor little girl, all tuckered out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Parade!

Last weekend was App State's Homecoming and we decided to head downtown to watch some of the day's festivities! Lots of floats and even more gold and black! Sadie Mac loved sitting on Stephen's shoulders and watching everyone pass by. She also liked getting the candy! We were thankful to see friends that I grew up with and enjoy the fall crisp air and beautiful changing leaves! I see how much I took for granted and the blessing it was to grow up here now that I live in the desert! But, we will enjoy it while we have it!

Mr. Wooly Worm! (This time of year wooly worms are everywhere and this is the mascot for them all! (Sadie thought it was a strange cat!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Babymoon Adventure!

Stephen and I feel so blessed to have gotten a gift from some friends to go to a bed and breakfast in TN and enjoy some "just the two of us time" before the baby comes. The weather was perfect as we enjoyed a little rain (coming from the desert, a girl loves rain!), but then two days of sunshine so we could enjoy all the place had to offer. We enjoyed kayaking, hammock swings, a picnic on the lake, pool, checkers, a floating green (which he hit 3 times!) and ping pong... and most of all time together. We did a lot of reading and talking and enjoying each other. Life gets crazy with a toddler, and knowing we are adding another in a few weeks, we feel so appreciate and thankful to our friends who gave us this amazing gift! I highly recommend it to anyone... (www.whitestoneinn.com) as I know they'd love to have you come! Sadie Mac stayed with her grandparents and had a wonderful time on her own. Coming back to her was so sweet and we felt like she had grown a foot! It was a sweet time together!

31 weeks along... only 9 to go

The view from our porch

The Farmhouse, where we stayed

Me, lounging around

Stephen teeing off for the "floating green"

Cozy couches and fireplace!

The view of our room from the doorway

Fun Fall Day!

This weekend we went with family to a little community near where we live for some blue grass music, crafts, food, family fun and wonderful fall weather!!! We feel so blessed to be here in this wonderful time of year and getting to see all the leaves change and enjoy the change of weather. (To all our friends in the desert, we are sending you some... expect it in January!) It was mid-70s yesterday and there were no clouds in the sky! We had a wonderful time with NanNan and Avee and were impressed with the dancing we saw!

Sadie Mac and Avee doing a little dancin' on the stage

Shewww... thirsty after all that dancin'!!

Playing with NanNan

Daddy's Princess

Just us girls!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun on Nan Nan's Farm

This week we went to my NanNan's house and she has chickens. I love them and love going to see them. We collect eggs to give to people and we let the chickens run around in the yard. The weather was cold, but it has warmed back up so we are enjoying being outside and watching them. I'm becoming a little farm girl!

Collecting Eggs!