Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Side of Moroccan Bread...

Last week I was going to make cupcakes for a friend's birthday and ran out of flour. So, I went downstairs to my neighbors to see if she had any. She was almost out too, but gave me the last 3/4 C. that she had AND that I needed. Perfect! She is so sweet and I'm so blessed to have a friend so close where we can share, visit, enjoy our lives and children together. Next day, cupcakes delivered and I was a happy girl. 

On the way home I decided to pick up 2 bags of flour (one for me and one for her, as a thank you!). She laughed when I brought it and said, it's way too much. But I said, well, for next time I run out, I'll borrow more! She was grateful and I went on home. About two hours later, it was dinner time and we were sitting down to taco salads when I heard a knock at the door. Her little girl had brought up some freshly made, still warm Moroccan Bread. It was delicious!!! So, that night we enjoyed our taco salads with a side of tasty round bread!!! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Girl's TRIP... to the USA!

So, it was our spring break and there was some family stuff going on, so Sadie Mac and I headed back to the good 'ol US of A! And one of the first places we hit up was KRISPY KREME!!! Best doughnuts EVER!! 

This is cousin Emmie and Sadie Mac... applying for jobs!

 Date day with NanNan at the park!!! It was a wonderful time!!

Had a blast with some our Ellerbe cousins at Chuck E Cheese!!!  (Silly faces!!)

Swinging with Poppie at the park!

Fun with Hope Mills cousins at grandmommie's house!

Her first drum set at grandmommie's house!!! (Sadly no pics WITH grandmommie!)

Geneva, Swiss Country

 For Easter, we had a great day of exploring and enjoying the sights of Geneva. A beautiful city with incredible history. Here is a fun street we stopped for a photo opp!

John Calvin's church...

The inside of the church...

And, just around the corner from Calvin's church is the "Road of Purgatory"

Family pic! Usually there is a huge water spout in the middle of the lake, but it was too windy this day.

The kiddos playing... Noah refused to look at the camera!

This is Sadie Mac summer of 2009 when we were here visiting from Sudan on vacation. We were in the same general area playing. My how she has grown!!! And Noah, not even a thought in my mind. Well, my cup runneth over! So thankful for the fun family adventures we've shared!!! 

Pont = Bridge

 Wow, I'm really needing to take some time and update the blog... school is all about all consuming these days and so I'm taking a quick minute to update! For Easter, our family was able to take a trip to Geneva, Switerland. Mainly because Sadie and I flew to America the day after Easter! So, we thought we'd enjoy some of the sights while we were there!
On the way we found a really cool bridge and stopped to take pics! It was pretty cold (Sadie bundled up beside daddy!)

 There were two bridges that ran parallel, one for walking on and one for driving right beside it... The gorge below was amazing. I have no idea how high it was... but I was nervous looking over!

The driving bridge that was parallel... with the gorge below

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Easter Egg Dying time!!!

Thank you to a very special friend who sent us "egg sleeves" for dying Easter eggs! Sadie Mac and daddy had a good time doing this together as we get ready for our "big hunt" tomorrow!

Tonight I took a little walk down memory lane while I was looking at pics... this is two years ago when we were in Egypt. Dying Easter Eggs with friends...

This was last year in NC with Poppie Wade (and Junie B)... what fun memories!

Thank you Grandmothers!!!

Sorry for the long delay in writing!!! We've been swamped in French school, but I'll try to do a few updates sooner than later!!! We LOVE getting packages and here are some recent fun things from the grandmothers!!!....

Window markers!!! This is great and Sadie Mac is learning to write her name...
Practice makes perfect!
Been loving the Little Red Riding Hood cape from NanNan... purse included!!!
It's a bird, it's a plane... no NanNan sent Super Noah a cape!!!
Thank you NanNan and Grandmommie for the fun and love you send us!!! XOXO!!!