Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2 Sleeping Beauties... and a kid brother

So, look very closely and you will see a tiny sleeping beauty on the pillow with my own sleeping beauty. I went in one night to check on Sadie Mac and this is exactly how I found her. Aurora is her favorite of the princess' right now... and so I guess she decided to sleep with her this night! I just thought it was too cute not to pass up the pic (and of course show the grandmothers) here on the blog!
Sadie's kid brother... is my little, "I'll share my crib with you." Apparently he's not one to stretch out... but leaves plenty of room for a friend. Cuddles up against the edge I suppose. Again, cute and couldn't pass up the photo opp!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Exploring the Alps

A few Fridays ago we had the day off from school and so we enjoyed taking the kids up into the mountains (Les Alpes). There is a castle behind us and just beyond the castle is a cool path that use to be a village. There are still some remains from the village and so we hiked around and then ended up at a beautiful waterfall. It was pretty cold, but we all enjoyed the sights!

Notice: Sadie singing!!
Daddy's Girl...
Mama's Boy...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh MY... How he has GROWN!!

When I think back to one year ago when I brought home this baby boy that could easily fit into Sadie Mac's baby clothes... I look at him today and think... I am so blessed. He is healthy... strong... active... crawling everywhere... starting to want to walk on his own... He is a treasure. He was so tiny...
The only way I could get him to actually lay down still beside "Molly" was to give him a bottle... then he still wouldn't stretch out his legs... but you get the picture... he is much much bigger... and the Lord has been so gracious to us over the past year! Thank you Lord!

**Special Note from Noah's father: This is NOT Noah's doll... only a mere comparison from the week he was born!!! ;-) Sadie's doll... Noah size!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

His First Haircut

My children will both have curls. Sadie's will get curly if we don't brush it out... it looks just like mine when I was little. I tell her, "do not fear... those straight locks will curl up before you know it!"Well, Noah's is getting a bit long and we thought the "hippy look" is out for now... so tonight... snip, snip...
The Before...

The During...

The After... (Mom, what did you just do to me?)

I was thankful... he really did do great. Sadie Mac "entertained" him with "Look here Buddy" (making funny faces at him!) What a clown! Anyway... my little baby boy is looking more like a little boy and not a baby every day... hmmm... sad.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How one little person can change your entire life....

Happy Birthday to my precious son... whom I love with all my heart...

A year ago today, I went in for my normal weekly appointment at the doctor as we still had a few weeks before Baby Rhyne's due date. Because he seemed small and wasn't moving a lot... the doctors decided I needed to be monitored... then be moved to the hospital for more monitoring... then they decided to induce me. I wasn't expecting to have a baby that early!!! Several hours later, with family in the waiting room... Noah arrived... a little bitty 4 pound baby boy... and we prayed for his breathing, we prayed for his blood sugars, we prayed for his little life. All the nurses that came in and doctors as well, called him a miracle baby. Two doctors told me that if my appointment would have been a day later, he would have most likely been still-born. Through all of the complications... God was good and faithful, as always, and Noah did great and has continued to do well over the past year.
When he was two months old, our lives changed drastically. We found out that due to his hypothyroidism we could not return to our home in the sandbox... now, a few months later, we are learning French, not Arabic... we eat croissants, not fava beans and falafel. Each day brings new things with these two little treasures... trials, joys, this is life I suppose. You think you are going in one direction and the Lord can change it in a moment. We are learning each day and being transformed into the Lord's likeness.This life that I live, it's not my own... it's His. He can do with it as it pleases Him. I'm thankful He has me on this journey... to know Him. It's hard, but worth it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

French Castles & Grenoble

Well, we're on fall break (hence the traveling!) and are taking full advantage of enjoying the sights our region. The Rhone Alps are amazing and we don't want to let this time pass us by. Stephen was wanting to see a castle and there seem to be several alongside the "motor ways" (interstate).
This castle we wanted to visit... and it's about 15 min. from our town... This was my favorite pic from the several we took. Sadly, almost all the castles close for the season in mid-October. (Didn't know that until we were already on break!) Oh well, there is spring! We just really liked this pic because it shows how grand the mountains really are behind a 15th Century Castle.

After the short visit to a closed castle, we ventured to the city of Grenoble. It is a beautiful city with parks and IKEA (!!!) so we spent sometime at both of those!
They also have gondola rides up to the top of the mountain and they were really enjoyable for us... Here is what they look like from the outside...

And here is what they look like on the inside! (Sadie is working on her smiles!)

And a view from the top!! Again... Sadie and her smiles... (me, rolling my eyes!)