Thursday, February 26, 2009

Allergic to VEGETABLES!

We've started solids. She LOVES rice cereal. I was excited to make my own baby food, feeling all domestic and what not! So, first we tried peas... uh, no thank you! Back to rice cereal.
Last night we tried carrots... again, NO WAY mama! She is so funny about it. She seems eager and when the food gets into her mouth she starts gagging and twitching. I think Sadie Mac is pretending to be allergic or something! Maybe we will throw veggies out the window for a little while and go to fruits! But this girl loves rice cereal!

(the actual gagging!!)

It was a food fight... and I lost!

"Hmmm.... this looks interesting. Green? Let's give it a whirl!"

"Are they serious? This is disgusting!"

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Nursery

We've been back a few weeks and finally have all the trunks that my mom brought us unpacked. In them, my very talented mother made all of Sadie Mac's nursery attire! :-) My mom, sisters and a few of their friends all pitched in so Sadie could have a "pottery barn kids" kinda place to rest her head! They did valances to match a diaper stacker and quilt wall hanging. As you can see from the pic, Sadie loves it all! Before we knew if she was a boy or girl we decided to go with an animal theme... and why not African animals?!? It's crazy that she is almost 7 months old, and is now doing the "inch worm/army man" crawl on her belly all around the floor and has 2 teeth! Time sure does fly by with little ones!
It's starting to heat up here again in the sandbox. Last week (mid-Feb, may I remind you!!) it was already hitting the 100 mark! UGH! It's dusty and dirty, but it's all about the adventure. Thanks for joining us on it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playing Hard to Get

We are back home, but not until Sadie Mac finally got to meet her Prince Eli. Before we headed home we got to see our friends and their little boy who was born the same day she was born. As you can see, even with Sadie having chicken pox from head to toe... there were sparks! Eli for sure is a kisser and we were afraid after his kissing on her, he would get them... but thankfully it didn't happen. Sadie Mac was a little embarrassed that her dad was there so she played hard to get! (Smart girl!) We loved spending time with all three of them!

Pic from Jordan: Sadie Mac's first experience with cold weather... bundled up next to daddy! This was also the first time she had to wear socks or any kind of long sleeves. I could tell when we put on her jacket getting off of the plane in Jordan she was thinking, "What is this mom?"

Monday, February 2, 2009

To My Favorite Auntie Avee

Dear Auntie Avee,
I wanted to write and tell you how much I love you and what a wonderful time I had with you. You are so special and you helped me so much. You helped feed me and change my diaper. I loved it when you would take me on walks in my stroller. I just don't know which of those times it was that I gave you my chicken pox. When NanNan emailed today and told me you now have them, I was very sad. I hope you can forgive me for passing them on to you. I will tell you what they told me... DON'T SCRATCH! Well, I love you wanted you to know and you are the bestest Auntie I know and have met!! Don't worry, as you can see from my picture... the spots get better and slowly go away! Mommy, Daddy and I are all praying for you and that you heal soon. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Sadie Mac