Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ready When He Is...

I'm so blessed to have amazing friends who would throw a super fun baby shower for me this past Saturday (more pics to come on that!) I'm super glad they did because that night we thought little guy was going to make his arrival! After a few hours of pretty good contractions, they just stopped... since then, they have continued on and off... but we decided to finish the nursery and get ready! Special thanks to my friends who helped move furniture, give me ideas, and gave me amazing and sweet gifts for the baby! 

 Here is a preview of the room...
(However, mentally add a blue "transportation theme" valance above the window... it's in the mail!

His crib and very cool and creative mobile Stephen helped me make! 

Other side of the room for any guests who want to come and help! ;-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Le Jardin de Luxembourg

Today was absolutely amazing here in Paris and we were thankful to have some family time out on our day off at the famous Luxembourg Gardens, near central Paris. (Sometimes I still have to stop and pinch myself that we live here.... so weird.) Here are some of the highlights...

The fountain, where you can sail a toy boat across. 
Here are the kiddos enjoying watching.

I'm not sure who is more wrapped around whose finger?!

Tot Lot time!

Ice cream is a must on a sunny day!

Who is excited about the carousel ride??

A fun game you play while riding... trying to "hook" little loops while you go around!

By the time we were leaving, there wasn't a square meter of grass to be found!

And a bonus... at the end of the day, I came home to my blooming tulips!
Yay for SPRING!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

300th Post... Mud Puddles!

Ok, Ok... I hate it when mom's post 800 pics of the exact same pic on their blog. Well today... GUILTY! I couldn't help it. However... it's NOT the same picture!!! This is a sneak peek into my afternoon today...


 This one qualifies with "hang time"!

"SKIPPING" into the puddle

"Mom, you gotta try this! It's AWESOME!"

I LOVE this guy!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

On the Hunt... TWO Times!

We LOVE Easter because it's super fun and because we celebrate the RISEN SAVIOR! So amazed to be in His grace and thankful for the journey He has us on! 
Our first Easter Egg hunt was on Saturday and went over to a friend's house and had an egg hunt in their yard. 

Ready, Set... Running out the door!
Here is silly Sadie! 

Here is my dear friend and her three boys along with me and my 2.5 kids! 

Later we had a time of praise and worship and Noah played percussion! 

Here in France, it's not very traditional to do an egg hunt so we invited some of Sadie's classmates and their mom's over for one in our back yard. There ended up being more than I had planned, but we were thankful for the 8 moms and 15 kids that came! For some, it was their first egg hunt ever!
Here is the start of the race...

Here is a little pic of our back yard with several princesses running around and other friends who were all searching for eggs. 
 Here is a pic of one of my sweetest friends and her son... on the hunt!