Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Little Crafty Girl

I have a little crafty one on my hands. Every day she is wanting to do arts and crafts. On a daily basis I get the question, "Mom, can we do a project?" It makes me smile and also is making me learn to be super creative. I'm learning from lots of other blogs... THANK YOU OTHER MOMS WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE ME (and blog about it!!!)*** I'm working on new ideas, especially for the plane ride to France (8 some odd hours!)
We have also been working on spelling her name. She gets super excited when she sees "S" because she KNOWS that one!! She has actually gotten to where she can recognize each letter (usually!) We had fun working on each of the letter... using painting, stickers, feathers, and learning other words that start with that letter! What an adventurer... What a joy. This is her jumping and throwing a feather because she knew all the letters!!!

And this is my Noah. I just think he's super cute and wanted to show him off...

***To Other Mom's who look at my blog... here are some of my favorite crafty blogs:
... and others.

If you know of a good one, PLEASE leave it for me as a comment!!! Blessings and happy toddler mom-ing!

Hot 'Lanta!!!

We headed down to Atlanta to work on getting our visas for France. We live in the mountains of NC where the weather is what you'd call "really nice"... not too hot, not too cold... "just right" as Goldie Locks would say. Well, we learned they don't call Atlanta, "HOT 'Lanta" for nothing!! It was quite warm while we were there. Our hotel was right near Centennial Park so we enjoyed seeing that area. They even had a couple of little tot lot parks right around there so Sadie Mac had a ball!

Since it's a good little drive, we thought we'd enjoy at least one tourist stop, so we went to the World of Coca Cola!! We all had a great time and even enjoyed seeing the BIG Polar Bear and got a pic with him. Noah wasn't that impressed as he slept through the meeting! We also got to see a 4-D movie and Sadie Mac LOVED it! She enjoyed meeting a statue of the Coke Man too! Thankful for a fun little family adventure before we head back overseas!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Birthday Week!!!!

In our family, we don't just get a birthday day... we get a BIRTHDAY WEEK!! I mean, why just get a day to celebrate?!? Sadie Mac will be 3 in a week (which I can't believe!) and we have had some struggles with her understanding when her birthday was. You see, Stephen's birthday was May 18th and we told her, that she was next to celebrate... (in OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY). But, what she doesn't understand is that cousins, aunts, and Father's day were all reasons to celebrate too... she has been waiting and waiting!! So, we decided to make a birthday chain!!! We rip one down every night! And boy is she excited! We started it at the beginning of July and "birthday week rings" have special jewels and feathers, glitter and stickers! Here are our supplies...

And here are 3 rings for birthday week!!!! (This was the start of the chain!)

Oh Brother....!!!

So we were taking pics the other day of "Big Sister" and "Little Brother" in their tshirts having lots of fun with that. Sadie Mac is not enjoying taking pics right now, so I basically have to bribe her. Well, in the midst of taking the pics, we were laying down on the ground and I feel like I can see a conversation in these pics between the two of them.... what do you think??...

Noah... "Sadie Mac, I'm going to get you... (makes baby growl sound)... here I come."
Sadie Mac thinking, "Really little brother, is that all you got?"....

Sadie Mac, "(BIG SISTER GROWL) I'm gunna get you... ROAR...!!!!! This brother is how you "get someone"!!!
Noah, (all laughs)!!!!

Well, here is one of those bribed pics... she probably enjoyed some M&Ms after... it was fun. I just love these two!
(Noah thinking: I'm not smiling until I get some M&Ms!!!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Party at the Park!!

My sister Avee recently celebrated her 19th birthday!! We went to Price Park and had a great time... sadly Judd and family weren't able to be there... but we celebrated the bday girl in true summer fun! We had a great picnic and then played in the creek for a good while! We loved letting the little cousins play together and enjoy the warm weather, splashing around in the creek! While we all played and splashed, NanNan enjoyed special time with Noah, and he enjoyed special time with her.
As much as we are ready to move to France, we're really enjoying the blessing of being around family while we wait for visas.

Chocolate on chocolate... just what the birthday girl ordered

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Week With Grandma... by Sadie Mac & Noah

Last week our grandma came to visit us. She says it is hot and dry where she lives so she needed a break from the heat and dryness... and from all the chores our Poppie makes her do. So, we invited her to stay with us for a little while. We are sure glad she came to stay as we had lots of fun. She is really good at taking pics and takes lots of them so we can all remember the fun things we have done while we're in America.
One of my favorite things was dressing up in fancy clothes and having tea parties... we did this a lot!! Grandma is a really pretty princess and I love it when she wears funny crowns on her head. One day we even had a tea party on our porch. The weather was very nice the week she was here... hot some days, but not like down in the sandhills!

Grandma teaches school so she is really good at reading. She loves to read to me and Noah. Here is a book she was reading to Noah one day... He likes to be with her.

Sometimes we went out to eat too!

Noah's favorite thing to do with Grandma was snuggle... and I think that was probably one of her favorite things to do with Noah too...

As you can see... more snuggling

Grandma grows her own vegetables in her garden, so she was teaching me to grow my own garden. We planted tomatoes together!!!

This is when mom got caught up in my tent and tunnel...

Then chased me around our yard!!!!

And after all that fun... this is all we have to say...

Thank you Grandma for coming to stay a week with us. We love you so much and were so glad you came to visit...

Sadie Mac and Noah

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating 5 Years...

On June 23, Stephen and I CELEBRATED the blessing of marriage and how thankful we are that God has placed us together. I can't believe it's been 5 years... and a wonderful 5 years it has been!

We were at the beach with my family and so were blessed to have babysitters so we could enjoy our time out with just each other. A quiet night, I guess you could say! He planned a special dinner for us at a neat little restaurant near where we were... then surprised me by taking me back to the place on the beach where he asked me to be his bride... and I said "YES"... all over again!

The rest of our time was wonderful as well... we enjoyed time with my brother and his family and one of my sisters. We all got lots of sun and of course napped... here are my two little blessings as beach bums!!!

Family pic... with Avee!