Saturday, February 25, 2012

Watch out Paris, Here Comes the Rhynes!

Once upon a time, there was a family who lived in the Alps and wanted to visit the big city of Paris! They had never been before and had some friends they wanted to go meet. So, early one morning, they hopped on a train and set out on a great adventure....

With Mobi-Go in hand for some entertainment...
They rode the train with much excitement and anticipation!!!

They arrived safely into the "gare" (train station) and were ready to start their journey...
The city map seemed much like a spider web, one they had to decipher and figure out... but they were diligent to find all they wanted to see...
They passed by the Louvre (sadly not to enter); they knew the famous Mona Lisa would be waiting for their next visit...
They heard the story of the "Lock Bridge." A unique bridge near the Louvre where lovers from all over the world have brought locks with their names on it, and then toss the key into the deep of the Seine River. Their love is forever sealed... (I loved this... this is the romantic in me!)
The beautiful Seine River was amazing with so many bridges and boats to look at...
The family saw as they traveled down the road that is right beside the river are "beaucoups" (lots) of book sellers with lots of little tourist-y things. Very quaint and cool...
The Daddy and his princess loved seeing all the sights and keeping each other warm on this chilly day...

The Arc de Triumph... that honors those who have fought and died for France

Notre Dame was a favorite that we found while we were there. The construction started in 1163 and it was massive and beautiful.
The smallest family member, taking a rest while they were there...
And big sister trying to figure out what all the candle lighting was about...
Beautiful stain glass...
Then we headed down to the Latin Quarter for some ice cream at an amazing place Amarino which Noah highly suggests!
This is a little view of the Latin Quarter... a quaint little area of mostly walking streets with lots of shops and restaurants. Students from one of the old universities use to go and read Latin there, (so we were told...)
And for lunch, they enjoyed the best crêpes in town from this lady. (Ok, I'll be honest... she's the only one I've been too, but she was great!!!)
And finally... the great, grand, gorgeous Tour de Eiffel (Eiffel Tower to all you Americans!) built for the 1889 World's Fair entrance.
The family had a wonderful time and were amazed at all the sights they saw in that one day of sight seeing. The trip was so wonderful they decided they would move there... this coming summer, when they are finished with language school.
The End.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope everyone enjoyed celebrating like we did! Sadie's school is on winter break (therefore we all are on winter break) and so I'm enjoying some time to do fun things with the kids! Here are a few pics of what we did for Valentine's Day...

(above: "Love Tree"... every night at the dinner table we talked about how you felt loved by someone that day and we would write it on a heart for the tree! We were also working on memorize 1 Corinthians 13:13... And these three remain, faith hope and love; and the greatest of these is love."
Heart shaped pastries for Valentine's morning!!!
We had very special Valentine's pj's too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

When You Live in the Alps...

So, every morning walking Sadie Mac to school we see huge tour buses and kids with skis preparing for their class trip up the mountain for a day on the slopes! Seriously... every morning. And it seems like all grades go. I know at least the 8 year old class goes. So, why not the French School that we go to as well!
Yep, we had a school field trip to go skiing! (And, basically we needed the brain break from all the French we've been drowning in!) We got a good deal to rent skis because of a good relationship this place has with the school and we all decided to go. (Sorry Noah, maybe in a few years!) We thought it best to get Sadie use to the feeling of how it was going to be and take a practice round at a park nearby. Last week we had a good snow and it has stayed around because it's been so cold. Good thing for our practice day! We headed out with a scarf in hand to practice. Sadie did great and we enjoyed a good time playing as long as we could stand it!

Stephen, pulling her. (Kinda seems like water skiing!)
Noah, all smiles as he LOVES to be outside!
Climbing up the mountains... they are amazing and beautiful. I still have to pinch myself that I live here. Never in a 1,000 years would I have thought I would. But, for this season... I'm going to soak it in and enjoy every moment.
When we arrived in the ski village, we were all amazed at how much snow was on each roof top! The place was really cute with lots of shops and restaurants for the non-skiiers! But, we were all game for trying.
This was my second time skiing (the only time before was in 7th grade) and for Stephen and Sadie, their first experience of skiing was the French Alps! Sadie went with me a few times, but wasn't really that impressed. I think her age was still kinda young with all the coordination it takes. Wait... can I use that excuse, because Stephen and I struggled too. Oh man, and are we sore today!

Daddy with skis on and Sadie... photo opp!

All smiles after her few times coming down the "bunny slop"... (check out the mountains behind her!)
At the end of the day... we're all tired, but in good spirits! We had a great time... got a little bit of sun and wind burn... but it was well worth it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Class is in Session

Oh the holidays in France... we LOVE 'um!!! So, this week there was a "celebration" (sort of), it was national crêpe day on February 2nd! You can always have them/get them here, but it was the day for our class to learn to make them! Here is my class for the last 20 minutes on Friday...
I decided to try to make them at home. Crêpes are basically a very thin pancake with all sorts of yummy fillings. Sugar is the most common along with nutella (oh my... so good!)... fruit, jam, cinnamon... whatever. It's all good!
And the result: A VERY satisfied customer!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Party fit for a Queen!

Last week we were invited into Sadie Mac's class for a King's Cake Party. The children had made the cakes the day before and all the parents were invited. This is a special time for any parent... to see their child interact with friends, teachers, and in "their environment". I am the typical obnoxious mom who takes pics of everything (sorry Sade... but, your grandmothers need to see your world!)

Sadie has started to speak some French, which we're thankful for... and last week she told Stephen to, "Regarde!" ("Look!"). She counts and today she told me, "Ex squeez eah moi" (for excuse me!)... melt my heart!
Her "little best friend"-'s mom stopped me last week and told me how much her daughter LOVES Sadie Mac, "but she doesn't understand her!!" I just laughed and can see Sadie Mac just chatting away... in English to her friends and teachers, whether they understand or not! (I didn't say she was fluent, but she is saying some things!!)
I can't even tell you how thankful my heart is for how well she is doing! The first several days/months were heart wrenching to leave her... but she has adjusted quite nicely! (Better than me, I think!)
Here is little Miss Priss at her table with her "little best friend" in her class...
Her first "best friend"