Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grandma and Poppie come for a visit!

The weather here is truly amazing this time of year and we're enjoying every second... and trying to be out in it as much as we can! This past weekend they came up and we were thankful for a wonderful weekend of weather and adventures together. We went to a festival, park, shopping, and to an amazing waterfall! Sadie Mac LOVES her grandparents and was a grandma's girl for sure all this weekend! We loved their visit. As we walked around, especially on the trail to the waterfall, I'm amazed we LIVE in a place like this. So thankful. So blessed.

We also went to a Festival where Sadie Mac showed us how brave she is. The climbing tower was pretty high and we were surprised she did it all. She was a little scared at the top and realized she had to come down... Poppie talked her down and as she slid, she held on with all her might.

Noah loves his Poppie

What We've been UP to...

While we wait for our visas to move to France, we are doing the best to occupy our time with fun with family and friends, and American past times. So, for starters, Stephen and Sadie Mac are working on flying kites in this windy mountain town!! She loves it! It is super cute to watch!

I also have a new toy for France... a double "caboose stroller"! Sadie loves to ride on the back and sit or stand... while Noah can hang out in his car seat, or when he gets bigger, ride facing forward!

Stephen is also giving Sadie Mac golf lessons. We pass a golf course on our way to town every day and Sadie tells Stephen, "I play golf with you daddy." So, of course we had to get her a little golf set. She loves it, but I'm not so sure he doesn't like it more! He was just upset that there were no LEFT handed clubs. Ugh.

Celebrating Stephen!!!

Last week we celebrated Stephen's birthday with his favorite... ice cream cake!! We not only get to celebrate Stephen on May 18th, but Aunt Brooke shares his birthday... so we celebrated her too!! It's a VERY special day in our family!! I thought "Happy Birthday Stephen and Brooke!!" was a bit long... so we just are OH so thankful for the day!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

6 months and growing!

A few days ago we celebrated Noah's Half Birthday... I can't believe he's already 6 months old!! Where has the time gone? We're still working on sleeping ALL the way through the night, but it's much better than having to wake up every 2-3 hours to feed him for sure! We feel so blessed with him as an addition to our family and Sadie Mac loves him for sure! When she has her "quite time" in her room and she plays alone, she is always wanting Noah to "stay and play with me"! Not quite sure we're there yet big sister!
He's a whopping 14 (or there around-ish) pounds... gaining 10 pounds already!! What a miracle his little life is!
I laugh that at one time, he was the size of Sadie's baby doll... how he's grown!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Move Over Prince William

In the midst of all the royal wedding hoopla of last week, we failed to post our very own "Prince Charming" pics. Will has nothing on my Noah! I love this onesie. And... he loves bath time too... our little Frog Prince. ;-)