Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baby 3, "It's A...."

It's a BOY and as you can see (thanks to the idea of my sister-in-law with the balloons), Sadie Mac was not really excited about it. She was really, really, REALLY wanting a sister! After the video was shut down, there was a total and complete M.E.L.T -- D.O.W.N!!!! But since, she has recovered and tonight she had a ball up her shirt (being "pregnant") with A GIRL!!! She may be in denial... I think it's better she knows now and can prepare herself. A friend emailed me a few days after we found out with much wisdom and said, "I think Noah and another boy are a better match for Sadie Mac than her and another girl!!" SOOO true!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grandparents for Christmas!... Les Vacances!

For two weeks of December we get grandparents here to spoil the kids!!! 
Kids are getting to do crafts and snuggle. Grandma is a bit limited with a broken leg, but she's doing the best she can. 

One day we drove to Normandy to see the American Cemetery and the beaches of Omaha. 
It was really cool and amazing. Thinking through all those who died fighting for freedom. 

Then... off to the famous Mont Saint Michel...

I called Jannie "hot rod"

Fun pics around the town

Souvenir shopping...

This is near one of the churches and I love this pic of my two treasures...

Being that France is mostly catholic (or was at one time)... there are lots of statures of Jesus on the cross. This is Sadie Mac's imitation of it. She insisted I take her pic... 

The Mont Saint Michel Abbey... yes, WOW.

  Only the 4 of us made it to the top... and here is a family shot!

Saying Goodbye...

It was an amazing place... so thankful we had a chance to go and see the Abbey... it's amazing! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cookie Party!!

Last week Sadie and I invited several of her little friends from her class and their mothers to our house for a traditional "American"cookie party. On the invitation I explained how this is a custom of ours and we'd like to share it with friends.
To my surprise... all of them came and one brought a friend! 
I was super busy with 8 or so moms and their kids (nearly 15)... but I was blessed beyond what I can explain. To have these dear sweet ladies in my home and share this time together was a gift. We were also able to share with them the real meaning of Christmas and how Jesus came as a baby, born into simplicity... and yet is the King of all! So, we celebrate His birth! 
What a treasure to share with friends! 

Here is Sadie Mac and 4 of her little princess friends... 
(caught off guard without a smile and one not looking!)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Étretat, France

Last weekend I had the privilege of sharing my time with some wonderful ladies I am thankful to call friends. We walk this journey of living in France together and we had a great time exploring the northern coast together. 
My favorite stop was in Étretat where the rocks and water make the shape of an elephant. 
It was a sweet gift to go with these friends... 
 At the top of the cliff/mountain was this gorgeous golf course where God let the sunshine down for a few moments... it was glorious!

More favorite pics...

We all considered the weekend... a SuperGreatSpectacular Time!!!
Thanks friends for the memories! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Date Day with Daddy!

I'm at home with Noah on this cold, gray, winter day here in Paris and I get a text with two pics from daddy and Sadie who are out... in Paris, near Notre Dame... getting ice cream. 
Daddy and his princess, for sure. 

Yummy Chocolate (flower shaped) ice cream!

Monday, November 19, 2012

We Miss You Already NanNan!!!

We just had a wonderful 10 days with my mom and it was really, REALLY hard to see her go. She blessed our socks off by bringing us TWO SUITCASES, filled to the brim of stuff... JUST FOR US, while she lived out of her carry on. What a mom, right?!?! Our hearts and bellies are filled with pepperoni, coffee creamer, beef jerkey, nutter butters, GRITS, spices, clothes for the kiddos and lots of other wonderful treats from home...

We had a blast too... we did some site seeing... but there was a lot more just "being" together. We did the fun Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame... we did Verseilles and the other "big sites" around Paris. Here are some pics from the "doing"...

View of the city

Sacre Coeur (The Church of the Sacred Heart) in the back

Artist Row  and a little pic she bought with the artist..

Notre Dame

Playing at a park near Notre Dame

 Starbucks on the Champs Elysees!

 The Arc de Triumph

Big City Bus Tour (with my mischievous daughter!)

But here are some of my favorite parts and pics... the just "being"

Sweet memories reading

At a park

We love you NanNan...
Thank you so much for coming!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!

When did we go from this... baby boy at 4 pounds 1 oz... 

To my big two year old boy!!! 


NanNan is here (WOOHOOO!!) and brought us lots of goodies to make an extra special birthday party for my big boy! She was a wonderful help to make the cake and yummy treats for the party! 
 We had lots of friends who we were so thankful could come and celebrate with us!

 Daddy helping get toys out of boxes! 

Family photo opp!!!

 Noah was a bit overwhelmed to blow out the pic, so big sister Sadie decided to help! ;-)