Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday!!!

Today Sadie Mac is celebrating her 1/2 birthday as she is now 1 and a half years old! A whole 18 months... and still growing! To celebrate her precious little life, we decided to have an adventurous outing! We headed down to the mall and let her play at "Fun City" and let her ride a little coin ride. We put her in the little car and she started playing with the steering wheel... in a few seconds it started going... just a little movement and she was not a fan! She wanted to get off and was trying to grab at Stephen's arms to pick her up. He picked her up in it and then I tried to be right beside her while she rode. Needless to say, with the look on her face, we're not going to call her a "thrill seeker" just yet! A VERY merry unbirthday to our little princess!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fall '09 Family Photos

This past October we went with a friend out to a park in our city and took family pics. She did an amazing job and we were so thankful. We are just now posting them because we were using them for Christmas presents and didn't want to ruin the surprise. These were some of my favorites... I have more favorites... that's why it was hard to decide which to post. (All our facebook friends have seen many of these, so this is basically for all our family who does not have FB!) Hope you enjoy....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Traffic Jam

It's not uncommon in our part of the world to blow the horn of your car... for anything. And, well being from the American south and all, we always show our southern hospitality and wait for you to go, pass, or move in your own sweet time. We might complain behind your back while we wait... but we'd have a smile on our face the entire time.
In this part of the world, we've learned it can be a means of courtesy to let you know "they are coming"... and I'm not sure why else I get honked at... but it seems to be a daily occurrence. We also live on the 2nd floor where we are more apt to hearing horns on the street below our balcony. A few days ago we heard horns out our balcony doors that were seeming to last longer and louder than normal. I went out and had to grab my camera for this picture!! You gotta LOVE the horse causing the traffic jam on our street. He was jack-knifed into a parking space and the approaching cars wanted him to move... The guy in the bottom got really tired of waiting and moved the horse so the others could pass! Oh wow... what a culture!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcoming in 2010!

On New Year's Eve we decided to head to the park for an afternoon adventure. We played and had lots of fun with friends who also came. Here are some highlights from our day. After that we enjoyed my personal favorite, Chili's!!, and then fireworks from all the neighbors! It was a fun New Year's! Crazy to be think that we will be heading back to the States late this year!! But, it's fun to finally be able to say, "THIS YEAR"!! Anywho... HAPPY 2010!!!

Playing ball!

Whewww... after all that running around, I'm pooped... but lonely.

Yay!! Nice to have a friend to pass the time with.

Snack time... sharing of course!

And topped off the day by picking the flowers!

Friday, January 1, 2010

World's Greatest Friends!

We undoubtedly have the World's Greatest Friends! When we were living in NC we had some friends who, whenever we got together we always had Mexican night... we loved tacos, fajitas, nacho cheese dip, refried beans... the works! When we did it... we went all out! Well, about a week ago, we received "Mexican Night in a box"!!! Our wonderful friends mailed us all the goodies and some random other fun favorites, so we could have it all while we are far, far from home! We love you guys and are sooo thankful!!! Sadie Mac loved the chicken tacos we made... as you can see! She even pitched a fit when Stephen took it back to eat after he shared with her! (Of course, he gave her more... but didn't want to!!)

All smiles for Mexican Night!!

Some other friends were living here with us and sadly had to move right before Thanksgiving. We were excited for them, but sad for us! While they were here, they let us take pics of Sadie in their daughters tutu and she loved it! Well, right after we received the Mexican Night in a box... our friends mailed our little princess her very own tutu! They said they saw it and thought of her... and knew she needed her very own! It was so precious and she has loved it... and wants to wear it all the time!! For Stephen and I... mint M&M's!!! Tasty!!! Thanks to you all too... love you all and miss you tons!

Little Missy in her very own tutu!

This is Sadie Mac proclaiming (in a deep-drawn sweet southern voice:) I (!!!) mama am the Princess... I have the tutu!