Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our First Ballet

A good friend of mine who I have met while we've been here, has a daughter who is 9. They invited us to her end of year ballet recital and Sadie LOVED it... I even let her wear her princess/ballerina dress. We were so thankful to go and enjoyed our time with them... Sadie was glued (the first 45 minutes)... and after it was over got to take a picture with my friend's daughter- a REAL ballerina!!! Thank you to my sweet friend for inviting us!!!

Our New French Eating Habits...

Well, one day Sadie Mac comes home and starts dipping her bread into her milk, something that is not a norm in our household. So, we start asking her... and come to find out (SOME) French do this! She likes to pick the "mie"(soft part of the bread, in the middle) out and dip it in milk... then eat it. I asked my teacher if this was normal and she said not that she knew of... but another friend who had lived in the north of France said it is normal there... hmm, still a mystery to us. However, we believe she picked it up from some friends at school...

Then, our little buddy... who is learning to feed himself and loves doing it... he makes me laugh as he is INSISTENT on using his spoon, but eventually gives up and uses his hand. Oh my, definitely NOT French! Well, he's happy and that is what matters to me! (I should remember bibs more often!) 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Afternoon of a Toddler Mom

So yesterday afternoon, Sadie was sleeping and  recovering from a 36 hour bug. So, "the girls" (aka. all her princess dolls) and I decided to put together a fancy little tea party. We all got dressed up (yes, even I got dressed up) for the princess affair. When she woke up, she was so excited to find...

Sleeping Beauty helped me make some Rice Krispy treats (what ever recovering 3 year old needs... more sugar). They were yummy!