Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We have lots to update you on, but wanted to send you a quick "Merry Christmas Greeting" from our family to yours. Sadie Mac had a great first Christmas. After we read the Christmas Story in bed, we all got up and she was excited to see (but really had no idea) about her first Christmas presents! She got a Bedouin tent from Egypt and a fun ducky bathtub (from her aunt Nikki... that we've just kept until now!!) After that we went to have lunch with several good friends (like family) here in the Sandbox. We truly had a blessed Christmas and hope all of you did as well! It was even a little chilly this morning... around 65 or so!!! Well, we will take what we get! We will post pictures when we can!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Eid

Well, the "holidays" for us now have a very different meaning as we live on this side of the world. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we are celebrating a holiday with our friends and neighbors where they slaughter goats due to their religious teachings. We feasted for 3 days in a row on lamb (or goat, not sure which) =) along with other traditional foods from this land. In the tradition, they kill a goat in the front of their house. When our neighbors did this, they called to see if we wanted to come watch. So, of course we did and they let us take pics to share!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Egg + Nog= Good Stuff!

Today we continued to carry on our family tradition of making homemade eggnog... mmm, the good stuff! Since I was a little girl, I can always remember doing this every Christmas season! Sure, some say it is disgusting to eat raw eggs, milk, ice cream and sugar (with a few other secret ingredients!)... but when it tastes this good, you can't pass it up! Stephen loves making it and was so excited he was even talking about it in his sleep last night! We've also been doing some Christmas decorating and we made Sadie Mac check the bulbs. :-) We know she was thinking... what is this guys?