Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our New City...

We are now in our new city and we are loving the coastal view. We get to overlook the Mediterranean Sea every day and are enjoying the cool breeze that it brings to our balcony. We are so thankful to our friends who searched endlessly for our perfect little apartment! :-)
We decided to take a little adventure the other day and go out on the pier near our house. Little Missy is walking everywhere now and enjoying the new sights and sounds of the town. While we were there, a fisherman came up and took her down to the water with him. We laughed as this happens all the time and she doesn't seem to mind. We always keep her in sight, but we are thankful she is such a friendly little munchkin. He gave her a fish as a gift... we laughed and gave it back, thought he could use it more than we could! While we were there we talked with her about being not just a fisher of fish, but a fisher of men like the One we follow. We loved the walk, sunshine and breeze, and new found fisherman friend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Southern Wedding

A few weeks ago we went to our language teacher's wedding and he is a southerner from the sandbox. Weddings in the south and north are very different in terms of music, program and attendance. We were told the wedding would be at 10 am, which we know the sandbox and "African time" is very different than western culture. So, we showed up at 12 noon and the they were still setting up the tent! So, we decided to go have lunch along the Nile and hang out until around 3 when the groom said he would be there. When we arrived, there were few guests trickling in, but we knew it was soon to take place. A a wedding in the sandbox, the bride is not actually there and the groom has to do negotiating for her (still!). The groom arrived around 6 pm (remember, he originally told US to be there at 10 AM!) and the festivities continued from the singing and dancing of their culture. We had a wonderful time and were thankful to be a part of the big day! Sadie Mac did a great job at making friends and entertaining every one!

The view from our seats

The "Gift Table"

The local children playing on a nearby tree.