Friday, November 2, 2007

Getting Acquainted...

We are slowly but surely learning the way around our new city. Whether it be by rickshaw, taxi, or bus, we can get where we need to go with our broken Arabic. We can say basic directions and always try to know where we are going so we can say it in this foreign tongue. We had a time this week when we tried to buy red paint, but instead of saying “red paint” we accidentally said “woman paint.” We didn’t understand why the man looked at us like we were crazy. Again, we confidently said “woman paint” in Arabic, thinking we were saying red paint… But luckily, we were able to point at something red… and we all laughed! We are thankful for these gracious people!

Last week we got to go on a city tour and these are some of the highlights. Museums, historical land marks, and tourist attractions. Our land holds claim to a few smaller pyramids, although more can be found in other places. We are still proud of ours!
This is such an amazing experience and we wish we could fly you all over!

Enjoy our pictures of Stephen by the big blue truck that is permanently parked outside our gate, as well as other sights from our new city!