Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ain't Life Grand...

We just returned from a wonderful and amazing vacation to Egypt. We saw new places and sights... tasted new (and good 'ol American) food which we had been missing... and enjoyed a lot of rest and relaxation. One of the most exciting things that we did was to learn that we are having a GIRL!! After months of waiting and wondering, we now know pink will be our color. But, she will be a Tar Heel fan, so there will be some Carolina Blue in the mix!

First we enjoyed a little over a week in Sharm el Sheikh with the beauty of the Red Sea and Snorkeling. In Sharm we had lazy days on the beach and by the pool. We went on a boat ride and enjoyed the beauty of Egypt. After that we went to Alexandria to see the hospital where we will deliver and meet the doctor. It was a wonderful experience. After a few days there, we headed to Cairo to do the tourist thing and enjoyed the Pyramids and other exciting places there. We were thankful to see friends and enjoy a break from the heat. We laughed when we got back and we thought Egypt had been hot... No, hot is here!!! 120+ it seems to be. But, we were thankful to return home. All in all we had an amazing time and were truly thankful for the time together.