Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dots and Spots

A few dots here, some spots there and now sadly, Sadie Mac has the chicken pox everywhere!! We started noticing a few little bumps on her this weekend, and now they are in full swing. It's so sad and she is miserable. Let us tell you... chicken pox on vacation... well, not a fun combination. So much for sleeping in and long restful nights. We're still having a wonderful time with my mom and sister. We've been kinda cooped up for the past few days so we went to a park yesterday to get a change of scenery. We stayed away from all the other kids (it wasn't busy anyway) but had fun riding the "flying camels" and seeing green grass. Sadie Mac was a trooper! Please pray for our little angel that she will feel better soon!

Stephen and Avee on the flying camels

NanNan and Sadie Mac on a stroll in the park