Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day at the River...

This past weekend we went with some friends to spend the day at the Nile and enjoyed the cool water as a break from the heat. We took a picnic lunch and then swam for a few hours. Sadie Mac LOVED being in the water. She was even splashing around kicking her arms and legs when we'd put her on her belly. The Nile is so wide we felt like we were at a lake! After we swam, we enjoyed sitting by the shore, but not for too long as the sun was HOT!!

Dipping my toes in...

Look at me... I'm a fish!

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Krista said...

WOW! Look how big Sadie is!! I had no idea the Nile was that wide either. What fun! Is it clean though? I don't think we'd try swimming in it in Egypt :). Loved catching up with you guys on the blog and seeing all the pics. Hope you are well and hope we'll see you one day soon.