Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Perfect Photo

It's that season for taking magical and memorable photos of your child. While some are dreaming of sugar plums dancing in the heads, I am a mom who was dreaming of the perfect Christmas card photo to send family and friends back home when my inlaws leave. When we were walking around the mall last week, we saw this little Santa and his house and large Christmas tree decorated with lights and I thought my dreams were about to come true!
So, I waited until just after Sadie napped (when she is most full of holiday (or just regular) cheer and set off to the mall with Grandma Jannie. Decked out in her holiday best with fancy new shoes and a fancy new dress. She was the queen of the mall with all the Arabs kissing her and saing how beautiful she was. Surely we were going to get the perfect photo!
We head down the escalator and "impressed" she was not. The little old man wearing red, who was about her size couldn't make her smile or even entertain her to sit still long enough to get a good pic. Or... if she wasn't getting distracted by a passer by or a larger billboard than the Santa and his house, my camera was either malfunctioning or taking 3+ seconds longer than Sadie wanted! Ugh! So... here are our "out-takes" or basically our "best takes". It was a memory... with no PERFECT pics to be found! But... we'll keep the cute little girl in them! Oh well... Merry Christmas!!!

A 3 second delay on the camera was just long enough for her to get distracted and turn her head! (UGH!)

Hey little girl, did you just find out you were on the naughty list or something? Where's the holiday cheer!?!

Good pic... bad background!

Here mommy... here are my holiday panties!!


Rhyne Boys! said...

Love her little Christmas ya'll

Krista said...

That is SO our story for the perfect Christmas picture too. I was cracking up as I read every word and saw each picture. . . just wait until you have THREE!!