Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope you are enjoying celebrating this Valentine's Day... we are! Sadly little Sadie Mac is sick and we had planned a date night, but looks like we will be taking a rain check on that. Stephen had a meeting this morning and came home and surprised both me and Sadie Mac with flowers. Tulips for her and red roses (and white chocolate... my favorite) for me!! He is an amazing husband and dad! While he was out we made him special Valentine's cards, and his favorite... no bake cookies!
Hope each of you are having a great Valentine's Day!!

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Pwood said...

What is up with our two kids... Eli is sick too! He woke up this morning with a nasty cold. His nose won't stop running, he has a fever, and he is extremely cuddly! Hope Sadie Mac feels better soon!