Friday, November 19, 2010

Noah's Story

Watching and waiting for Noah was one where we all had great expectations! When we woke up and went to our doctor's appointment on Monday, November 8th... we had no idea that night we'd have our second child and finally know that "it" was a he!!
During my 37 week appointment, the doctor noted that the baby seemed small and so after an ultrasound and some fetal monitoring, the doctor saw that his heart rate would drop every few minutes and then go back up. They decided to admit me to the hospital for further monitoring. As I was checking in, Stephen said, "Maybe we should go ahead and finalize the name!!" After a little more monitoring of the baby's heartbeat and seeing that his heartbeat continued to drop, my doctor decided to induce labor around 3 pm that afternoon.
Our little guy came storming into the world at 8:25 pm with a knot in his umbilical cord and a few other complications that showed us how the Lord was watching over him. The nurses were calling him "miracle baby" and the doctor said that the timing of my appointment was amazing because potentially if I had gone in 24 hours later, he could have been still-born. We are so thankful and amazed that all is well with our little bundle weighing 4 pounds and 1 oz. at birth and gaining oz. by oz.
Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Telling Sadie Mac that she had a brother, so she could announce it to the family who was in the waiting room

Sporting her "big sister" sticker

Little brother

All 4 pounds 1 ounce of him, safe in daddy's arm

Little guy resting soundly


Pwood said...

I love Noah's story!!! Already he has a personal testimony of God's love and grace!!! Welcome Noah to the world and I can't wait to meet you soon!

The Hawkins said...

Love the story and how the Father has taken care of you all! It won't take him long and Noah will catch up!!