Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What We've been UP to...

While we wait for our visas to move to France, we are doing the best to occupy our time with fun with family and friends, and American past times. So, for starters, Stephen and Sadie Mac are working on flying kites in this windy mountain town!! She loves it! It is super cute to watch!

I also have a new toy for France... a double "caboose stroller"! Sadie loves to ride on the back and sit or stand... while Noah can hang out in his car seat, or when he gets bigger, ride facing forward!

Stephen is also giving Sadie Mac golf lessons. We pass a golf course on our way to town every day and Sadie tells Stephen, "I play golf with you daddy." So, of course we had to get her a little golf set. She loves it, but I'm not so sure he doesn't like it more! He was just upset that there were no LEFT handed clubs. Ugh.

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Pwood said...

Well she is just an all around amazing talented girl!!! Golf and flying kites!! And love the double stroller!!