Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Home...

So... this is our new-ish home. We moved in at the end of August and we're still working. With two small children and pregnancy... life is a bit slower paced! Still have some things on the wall to put up and sorry for the clutter... but so is the life of a toddler mom. Hope you enjoy the tour...  
First, our living room. 

Noah's Room... with a pull out trundle bed when visitors come!

 Dining room that sits off of the LR

The Princess Room for Sadie Mac... This was our big project when we moved in. We had amazing help from my WONDERFUL FRIEND "aunt Krissy"!!!! She is worth $1,000,000!
All the walls in her room were basically like this, covered in wall paper... 
and Krissy came to help save the day! I was also thankful for her interior design support! 

The Master Suite

Random, I know... but it's the back of door and we painted it with chalkboard paint! 
It's been fun and useful!

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Alyson and Ian said...

Way to go Krissy!! :) Hope you're feeling good this third time around!