Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Week in London Town...

It is a blessing and super fun thing to have a really great friend who lives in London! As we approach  baby #3's arrival we thought this might be as good a chance as any to hop up there on the Eurorail for a week and enjoy her company and the sights of London! Here are some of the highlights from our trip! A HUGE AND MANY THANKS to Krissy for hosting us (longer than expected, to be explained later...) and for being such a great friend and "aunt" to the kiddos. We loved your city!

Well, you guessed it... BIG BEN... and he "spoke to us" (chimed) while we were near him! 

 Outside of Westminster Abbey

We met in 1998 at UNCC... who would have thought we'd be here today! 

It was cold, but there are amazing and beautiful parks everywhere!

Buckingham Palace... 
where the QUEEN LIVES! 

Palace Guard

Daddy and Noah in front of the Tower Bridge!

St. Paul's Cathedral 

One of the "old" city buses... very cool.

We hit up both the National History Museum and Science Museum while we were there... it was nice being free and because it was cold outside... it was perfect for the kids. They loved everything being so interactive. Well-done London on those kid fun places for exploring!
(National History Museum... not too shabby, right?!?!)

Exploring... in action!

We were suppose to head home on Tuesday but when we got to the train station to head home, we found out snow had been dumped on Northern France and so we were delayed an extra day. At the end of that day... these two were pooped! 

We LOVED IT!!! Would love to go back in warmer weather... 
but so thankful for the wonderful week!!!


Alyson and Ian said...

That looks like so much fun!!!! Sure would be a looonnnnggg jump across the pond for our wild bunch! :)

Habiba Sanjak said...

missing you all :)