Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Highlights!

Ok, so I'm needing some grace. Life with 3 little ones is a bit full and a lot on my plate. I LOVE IT... I love most every second, (notice I said MOST) every second. Elijah is an amazing baby... great eater (now), great sleeper, mostly pretty chill baby... THANK YOU JESUS!!! But, will summer in full swing, it's been hard to sit down at a computer to write or post pics even. So, here are some highlights of our summer:
In July, Stephen's mom (Grandma) came to visit for two weeks...


Eiffel Tower visit

Sadie's Second Birthday Party (not on her birthday)

Brother/Sister love

We even got her to Disneyland Paris!

These are the "beaches of Paris"... along the Seine River. Sand and all! 

 Some sweet friends who are like big sisters to Sadie Mac took her to see Monsters University... this is the "after the movie shot"

 Elijah took his first dip in the pool around 2 months!
NanNan (Amanda's mom) came to visit!!! 
We took her to a new favorite castle that's only 30 min. from our house.

Took her on a Seine River Boat Cruise...

Took her to the Eiffel Tower
(because when people come to visit you, that's just what you do. 
And I will say, it still amazes me every time I go!)

 Batman and Wonder Woman came for a visit!
and, they made plans

Back to Disney... 

Sadie's birthday party with friends!

Eli with cuddles from NanNan at 3 months

Sadie's "real" birthday... she had 4 parties this year.

Noah learned to shave

and LOTS and LOTS of this on hot summer days. 
(We had a good amount this year, for Paris!) I loved it!

Happy Summer 2013...
I'll do my best to post more... when I have time. But seriously, with 3 little ones, 
it's harder than I thought to post! 

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