Monday, December 23, 2013

Church Christmas Play... My Angel and My Mary...

This past Sunday our church put on it's Christmas Program... and it was so fun. We are so blessed by friends and brothers and sisters who have loved and cared for us as family here in France. We also had a fun little surprise that Sadie got to be Mary in the children's nativity story. 

Here are her and her little side kick getting ready for the part with another angel.

This is one of the sweet youth who love our kids. She is precious.

 Mary and Joseph, making the long journey...

Apparently, the journey was hard on her... ;-) 

Noah was not suppose to be up beside her at this point, 
but I just chalk it to her "guardian angel"

Here are the angels singing praises to God!

Children's choir...

And here is our adult choir singing, 
Prince of Peace... it was amazing!!!! 
So thankful for the love of God's international family!!!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family around the world!

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