Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Finale!

The last day my mom and sister were here with us, we headed down to see The Egyptian Pyramids in Cairo. If you are in Egypt... you have to see them! We had a blast the entire day, but were for sure exhausted at the end of it! When arrived and walked around the first large pyramid. Taking lots of pictures with all the other tourist and climbing on the ancient site. We decided to take a camel/horse ride to the next pyramid so mom can say she has ridden a camel. And... that she did... she rode a camel! I have proof!! And.... well, I will leave that part of the story at that!!... (mom, you are welcome!)

After we had our short ride on the camel, mom, Sadie and I decided to ride in a buggy. Avee wanted to ride a horse, so that is what her and Stephen did. She did a great job and at one point her horse guide started riding on our buggy so he didn't have to walk... and she did it all by herself and did a great job! We took pictures and had a great time on the rocky ride... but it was a memory we won't ever forget.
That evening we went to the "Khan", which is the big market here and mom got her souvenirs and goodies to take back to family there. We were very sad to see them go but are so thankful for the sweet time we had together.
Before they came we had been practicing saying "NanNan" and "Avee". By the end of their visit, she knew exactly who NanNan was and it was so precious to see her calling out to my mom. They left Saturday morning and I went with them to the airport while Sadie Mac was still sleeping. That morning after I got back to the room and we were heading to breakfast, Sadie walked down to Avee and NanNan's room and was calling for her. It was so sweet.

Avee and Stephen on their horses.

Avee kissing the Sphinx!!! (OOoooOoo!!!)

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