Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trip to Jordan

Shortly after we arrived in our new home country, we left and spent a week in Jordan visiting with some friends and doing some training that will help us in our work in the sandbox. We had a great time with friends and were so thankful for those who came to help watch the kiddos while we were working and planning.
We were thankful to get some site seeing in that included a castle as well as being able to see ancient Roman roads and some of the ruins around them. It was such a great experience to see all the history that is found there. Hope you enjoy some of the shots!

Little Missy walking down a Roman Road!

Ruins from the Romans

Here are our new found friends from GA... thanks girls! It was a blast!

One afternoon we went up to the Ajloun Castle... a fortress that was built for Saladin in AD 1184-1185. It was amazing and from the top we could see the Jordan River and over into Israel. It was beautiful.

Another family Photo Opp...


Brittany said...

Love the pictures! miss your your sweet family!

Pwood said...

Great pictures! And by the way Amanda, you are looking great!