Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day at the beach...

We are very blessed to live just across from the sea and there is a little patch of beach that we can see from our balcony. We've walked by it several times, but haven't stopped. Last week we decided to take a picnic lunch and enjoy the nice breeze, sand, and sun with our PB&J sandwiches. When we first arrived, the water was coming in kinda loudly and Sadie Mac was scared of the crashing waves. She just wanted to go back to her stroller. But, after that I had her sit on my lap to remind her that "mommy makes it all ok"... she was fine. After a while her and Stephen went down to the water and dipped her toes into the cold water for a second!! Her little legs trying to walk in the sand was a cute little site to see. What a beautiful day... wouldn't you agree?!

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