Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Enjoying R & R

Well, before we headed down to the land of sand, we decided to enjoy a day of R&R at a hotel in Cairo. We left Alex on Thursday and within an hour of us leaving, a package we had been waiting on for Sadie Mac arrived in Alex!! Of course it did! On Thursday, we had to do a few random things in Cairo, and Friday we had planned to take the day off and enjoy the pool, sun, and time relaxing. We have some good friends brought down the package to us on Friday so we could take the goods back with us!
Friday was a good day of rest. We woke up to what we thought was going to be a rainy day... but thankfully by noon the clouds were breaking and we could lounge around. The pool was cold and Sadie Mac would hardly get in. This is a shocker because in the sea, she was shivering... but the pool, she wasn't interested. She would clap for me when I would swim under and then come up to her. This little girl is too funny!

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camelherders said...

So fun!! where did you guys stay? That's too crazy about the package! Of course!! Glad you guys got it!!