Thursday, May 6, 2010

We're HOME!

We made it back in and were welcomed by dust and heat!! Temps the day before we arrived were 120, but we felt blessed that a dust storm came through and delayed our flight, but also cooled things down a bit for our arrival day. Yes, the dust all over is a bit of a trade off... but we'll take it. Arriving into our own place was so nice and just felt like "home"! The first night our water cooler wasn't working in our bedroom, so Stephen and I slept out in the living room and ended up pulling Sadie Mac out there too because her room wasn't getting cool enough either. But, my handy man fixed it so we have been sleeping comfortably (and even have been chilly because of that amazing cooler) some nights.
A few nights after we arrived, some friends got together and gave us a little "welcome home" party which was wonderful! We were so thankful to have them all come together, so the next month we're not tracking everyone down. We are thankful for not only our national relationships, but also other foreigners like ourselves. So, Sadie Mac has not only friends from here in the sandbox, but also from America, Germany, and Switzerland too!

This is my little "helper" in action. It seems now like wherever I am, she is also. Helping me unload trunks, wash dishes, or doing laundry. We're working on the "independent play" aspect in her life. She's not a big fan of it so far. She will pull on my (or Stephen's) hand and say, "C'mon"... and if we try to leave the room after she has us there, she pitches a fit. We're learning to pick and choose our battles!

Unpacking all our trunks, well, it's like Christmas... again! Several things we saved up from when our parents came. Some of this was good, and some of this wasn't so good. My mom came in Oct. and brought us Lance Crackers and I thought this would be perfect for the sandbox... a quick and easy snacks. Well, they are stale. But, I'm still enjoying them!! Can't let a little treasure like that go to waste!

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