Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our new home...

This is our new home here in the good 'ol US of A!!! We feel so blessed and thankful for the beauty of where we live. This is where I (Amanda) was born and raised and we're only 2.5 miles from my mom! She was amazing as she found the house, cleaned and scrubbed and prepared it for us to be here for the next 6 months! She had the help of my sister, nieces and nephews and we are thankful for them all!
The yard, as you can see, is amazing and we are surrounded by the green we've missed for the past 3 years! We have a nice long drive way and a creek that runs just in front of the house. We bought Sadie Mac a swing the second day we were here so she could enjoy it before it gets too cold! We are in the middle of a cow pasture and enjoyed several cows for a few days, but then they moved them... or sent them to the "happy hunting ground".
Well, it's been a good adjustment and we're happy and thankful to be back around all the GREEN!!! Hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for coming along for the journey!

The view past our yard... the view is much different here than in the sandbox! We will enjoy the green while we can!

Enjoying the view of the creek!

Daddy hanging my new swing in our yard!



sarah. said...

yaaay!!!!!! It looks awesome & homey--I hope you'll rest well, sweet R family! :) Thanks for the pictures.

The Hawkins said...

OH, it looks perfect!! What a great place to call home for the next little bit!!