Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Babymoon Adventure!

Stephen and I feel so blessed to have gotten a gift from some friends to go to a bed and breakfast in TN and enjoy some "just the two of us time" before the baby comes. The weather was perfect as we enjoyed a little rain (coming from the desert, a girl loves rain!), but then two days of sunshine so we could enjoy all the place had to offer. We enjoyed kayaking, hammock swings, a picnic on the lake, pool, checkers, a floating green (which he hit 3 times!) and ping pong... and most of all time together. We did a lot of reading and talking and enjoying each other. Life gets crazy with a toddler, and knowing we are adding another in a few weeks, we feel so appreciate and thankful to our friends who gave us this amazing gift! I highly recommend it to anyone... ( as I know they'd love to have you come! Sadie Mac stayed with her grandparents and had a wonderful time on her own. Coming back to her was so sweet and we felt like she had grown a foot! It was a sweet time together!

31 weeks along... only 9 to go

The view from our porch

The Farmhouse, where we stayed

Me, lounging around

Stephen teeing off for the "floating green"

Cozy couches and fireplace!

The view of our room from the doorway


Pwood said...

What a nice gift!!! Sounds like a nice place to stay, we might have to keep it in mind for next time!!! Glad you two were able to get away and enjoy some husband wife time together!!!

Krissy said...

How in the world did you get into a kayak?!?!