Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NC State Fair!!!!

This past week ended the NC State Fair and we were thankful to go one night before all the lights went out! We have some friends that went to school with us before we left for the sandbox and we've now made it a tradition that when we're in America, we go to the fair! The funniest part for us was before we even arrived in the gate. We were pulling around the corner to park our car when Sadie Mac saw all the lights and glitz of the fair and screamed!! We thought at first she was afraid, but when we looked back to her seat she was clapping and grinning from ear to ear, we were glad she was going to experience this!
Granted, going to the fair with children is much different than when we were child-less in terms of rides and what not (along with being 34 weeks pregnant!)! But we had a blast... eating and laughing and seeing all the sites! Sadie LOVED it and by the end of the night was pooped out in her stroller with all the excitement her little two year old heart could handle!

We spent way too much money trying to win her this little toy "Domo"! The only place we've seen this cartoon toy was in Egypt and Sadie LOVED it... when she saw it, she went nuts and so we both tried and eventually won it! Yay for Daddy the hero!

Riding the carosel (with fear in her eyes!)

We decided just to sit as she wasn't that huge fan of riding the horse!

Sadie Mac and Rylee in the get away car with Sponge Bob and Scooby

Krispy Kreme Burger?? (No, we didn't try it!! That is a heart-attack just waiting to happen!)

Fun pic!

Daddy's and their little girls riding the "tilt'a'whirl" dragon!

Stephen and Ben racing down the huge slide. Ben won, but cheated!! ;-)

Poor little girl, all tuckered out!

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camelherders said...

oh!! Soo fun! Love the pics and glad you guys got to go!!! Miss you friend!