Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving and more!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all enjoyed lots of fun with family or friends like we did! The weekend before Stephen and Sadie Mac went down to Ellerbe to celebrate with family there and Noah and I stayed here due to his little size and not wanting to get him sick. Sadly, Stephen forgot the camera, so no pics of our family from there! On Thanksgiving weekend we were with my family in Boone and we had a great time enjoying TURKEY (which we hadn't enjoyed in 3 years!!) and all the fixin's! We are so thankful for this special time of year and how blessed we truly are as a family. The Lord's provision over Noah's arrival was something we were especially thankful for, along with enjoying the company of family and cold weather all top the list!!

After dinner, we all went down to the club house that my mom just had built for all the grandkids. As a fun way to "break it in" she had all the little ones paint their hands and put their hand prints inside the house! It was a great way to remember our day and potentially go back to it each year and see how they have grown!

Noah wouldn't keep his hand open, so we decided to do his 19 day old foot print instead!

Earlier in the week, my sister had come up so we could get some good quality time together, and that we did! Cousin Caitlyn and Sadie Mac made bird feeders with pine cones Sadie and I found in our yard along with peanut butter and bird seed! The girls only lasted a pine cone or two, so my sister and I ended up really doing the project! It was fun though!!

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