Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It has been said that "Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing." And, surprisingly I would agree with this statement with the snow we've been enjoying. I've been wanting snow for three years, but c'mon... this has been a lot of snow and a lot of cold!!! Our blood runs a little thinner now after living in the desert. Stephen looked at the weather channel a few days ago and it showed 8 of the next 10 days having snow. We love it... but when it's too much and we can't leave, we get a little bit of cabin fever. My new favorite Christmas song is: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just as long as we can drive on the roads...

Sadie Mac and mommy playing in the snow. She was pretty insistent on wanting to try and pull me on the sled.

Daddy and Sadie building Rusty the Snowman. Whenever she tries to say "Frosty" it sounds exactly like "Rusty", so we are now calling our snowman Rusty! They built the biggest and best snowman I've ever seen! He is very dear to her and when we leave, she says, "Bye Rusty, love you." Please also note that Rusty is a Tar Heel fan!


Pwood said...

Ha Ha! This is great! Talk about a change of weather for you all! Looks like fun for a little bit but I would be freezing! We head to West Virginia after our time in Virginia and I am a little scared about how cold it will be there!

Krista said...

Wow look at all that snow. Rusty is awesome! We hear Wales is getting lots, looks like we might get to experience snow soon too.