Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Impressions

Well, we have a new home… it’s in the Alps Region of France in a small sleepy, quaint town. It was quite a journey getting here but a good one. We left NC on Monday evening and arrived into our new town on Tuesday afternoon… very jet lagged, but thankful to be here. Our flights were great… and I’m thankful that God has blessed me with good travlin’ children who sleep when they need too and are pleasant on flights.
We were welcomed in by friends at our new school and thankful to arrive in our new apartment that is a few blocks away from school. We’ve been learning our way around and many more pics to come… but here is a start.

Our apartment building... we're in the middle on the 4th floor (behind the trees!)

Our school... (yes, what a view!)

We definitely felt our share of jet lag… as did the kiddos. For the first few nights, they woke up right around 11pm and were wide awake. We had a bed picnic (because we were all hungry…) then decided to decorate their rooms with glow stars!!! Noah was a trooper too… playing, crawling, just hanging out…

Glow Stars!

Play time!

Sadie Mac and I ventured out to a little park that is a block or so away from our flat. I was so proud of her the way she has taken in all the French around her. Lots of fun to be had, in any language…

Sadie Mac thinking... here goes nothing

Sadie Mac giving me "thumbs up" that it was all going to be ok... (melt my heart)

A normal day at a French park

Weeeeee!!! (Bonus, she has a new little friend for the day!)

Well, stay tuned for more adventures...

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Teresa Richardson said...

Through the eyes of the children, we see Gods handy work!