Friday, September 2, 2011

Catching Up with Old (and new little) Friends...

A few days after we arrived, we were so excited to welcome some friends from a neighboring country! We have lived together in America, Sudan, Egypt, and even spent some time together in Jordan! We've known them for a while and so it's fun to watch our famillies grow together. They now live just about 2 hours from us and so they came (through) the mountians for a few days of catching up.
It was also an extra special visit because in the past year of being apart, we added to our families with two little boys. Here are some pics of our reconnecting and playing...

Yes, this is our favorite new park!!!

The Three Musketeers!!! (watching a movie!)

Noah, this is Ezekiel... Ezekiel, this is Noah. (and your milks)

Princess TEA PARTY!!!

Slumber party!!!!

This is why they call it a "passie leash"


camelherders said...

LOVE it and you guys! Such a fun time. Thanks for letting us see you guys!

Pwood said...

Oh you guys!!! I about cried when I saw this! I am so happy you guys are so close now! How special! Love the pictures of the kids many kids... such changes! Love both families!

Teresa said...

Awwww, LOVE IT!!! I so wish I could visit you guys sometime. I miss both families SO much!! Love you guys!!