Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh MY... How he has GROWN!!

When I think back to one year ago when I brought home this baby boy that could easily fit into Sadie Mac's baby clothes... I look at him today and think... I am so blessed. He is healthy... strong... active... crawling everywhere... starting to want to walk on his own... He is a treasure. He was so tiny...
The only way I could get him to actually lay down still beside "Molly" was to give him a bottle... then he still wouldn't stretch out his legs... but you get the picture... he is much much bigger... and the Lord has been so gracious to us over the past year! Thank you Lord!

**Special Note from Noah's father: This is NOT Noah's doll... only a mere comparison from the week he was born!!! ;-) Sadie's doll... Noah size!

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Kristin said...

Wow!! That is amazing! It was hard to realize just how small that baby doll was until I saw the last picture...amazing!! What a huge blessing :)