Thursday, November 3, 2011

French Castles & Grenoble

Well, we're on fall break (hence the traveling!) and are taking full advantage of enjoying the sights our region. The Rhone Alps are amazing and we don't want to let this time pass us by. Stephen was wanting to see a castle and there seem to be several alongside the "motor ways" (interstate).
This castle we wanted to visit... and it's about 15 min. from our town... This was my favorite pic from the several we took. Sadly, almost all the castles close for the season in mid-October. (Didn't know that until we were already on break!) Oh well, there is spring! We just really liked this pic because it shows how grand the mountains really are behind a 15th Century Castle.

After the short visit to a closed castle, we ventured to the city of Grenoble. It is a beautiful city with parks and IKEA (!!!) so we spent sometime at both of those!
They also have gondola rides up to the top of the mountain and they were really enjoyable for us... Here is what they look like from the outside...

And here is what they look like on the inside! (Sadie is working on her smiles!)

And a view from the top!! Again... Sadie and her smiles... (me, rolling my eyes!)

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