Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Pics of 2011

So I started going through pictures the other day and looking at all that 2011 held for our family. So many changes, unexpected happenings, life turns... and it's fun to catch it on the camera. I wish I could post a Top 100 photos...
Most of these pics would not qualify as a "great picture", but for me... it's what's behind the picture. What was going on, and the treasured memory it holds. Not in any particular order... here are my top 10 favorite pics of 2011...

Stephen telling Sadie Mac about the cross (Albertville, France)
Noah starting to eat solid food... and making a mess (Boone, NC)
Fun family times at a 3D film (Atlanta, GA)
Planting a garden with my mom ("Our Yellow House", NC)
The Cascade Waterfalls with Grandma and Poppie (The Blue Ridge Pkwy)
Noah, catching some shade (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
My two treasures (my heart will always smile at this pic)... (Boone, NC)
Daddy and his princess at her 3rd birthday party... (Valle Crusis, NC)
An amazing sunrise (near Albertville, France)
God's amazing creation (France)

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