Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning!

We have a family tradition to read the Christmas Story in Luke 2 with our families before we go out and open presents. We had a special time this year because we were doing it with our friends AND they had a really cool nativity to play with as we talked about the story! Each child opened a piece of the story (Mary/Joseph/Jesus)... (the Shepherds/angel)... (wise men) as the part of the story was read. We really enjoyed doing this and it was good to help keep the kids focused on the real meaning of Christmas!

The kids waiting at the door way as we got all the last minute things set up... "can we come now? can we come now?"
Stocking FUN...Sadie Mac's "Rapunzel hair"!
In the afternoon we went to a park that is near their house and enjoyed playing and taking pics...
Zip line, that even Noah tried! ;-)


Two little princess friends
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas like we did!

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