Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Party fit for a Queen!

Last week we were invited into Sadie Mac's class for a King's Cake Party. The children had made the cakes the day before and all the parents were invited. This is a special time for any parent... to see their child interact with friends, teachers, and in "their environment". I am the typical obnoxious mom who takes pics of everything (sorry Sade... but, your grandmothers need to see your world!)

Sadie has started to speak some French, which we're thankful for... and last week she told Stephen to, "Regarde!" ("Look!"). She counts and today she told me, "Ex squeez eah moi" (for excuse me!)... melt my heart!
Her "little best friend"-'s mom stopped me last week and told me how much her daughter LOVES Sadie Mac, "but she doesn't understand her!!" I just laughed and can see Sadie Mac just chatting away... in English to her friends and teachers, whether they understand or not! (I didn't say she was fluent, but she is saying some things!!)
I can't even tell you how thankful my heart is for how well she is doing! The first several days/months were heart wrenching to leave her... but she has adjusted quite nicely! (Better than me, I think!)
Here is little Miss Priss at her table with her "little best friend" in her class...
Her first "best friend"

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the Kelleys said...

oh my I just love that little girl a yours! What a cutie :)