Friday, February 10, 2012

When You Live in the Alps...

So, every morning walking Sadie Mac to school we see huge tour buses and kids with skis preparing for their class trip up the mountain for a day on the slopes! Seriously... every morning. And it seems like all grades go. I know at least the 8 year old class goes. So, why not the French School that we go to as well!
Yep, we had a school field trip to go skiing! (And, basically we needed the brain break from all the French we've been drowning in!) We got a good deal to rent skis because of a good relationship this place has with the school and we all decided to go. (Sorry Noah, maybe in a few years!) We thought it best to get Sadie use to the feeling of how it was going to be and take a practice round at a park nearby. Last week we had a good snow and it has stayed around because it's been so cold. Good thing for our practice day! We headed out with a scarf in hand to practice. Sadie did great and we enjoyed a good time playing as long as we could stand it!

Stephen, pulling her. (Kinda seems like water skiing!)
Noah, all smiles as he LOVES to be outside!
Climbing up the mountains... they are amazing and beautiful. I still have to pinch myself that I live here. Never in a 1,000 years would I have thought I would. But, for this season... I'm going to soak it in and enjoy every moment.
When we arrived in the ski village, we were all amazed at how much snow was on each roof top! The place was really cute with lots of shops and restaurants for the non-skiiers! But, we were all game for trying.
This was my second time skiing (the only time before was in 7th grade) and for Stephen and Sadie, their first experience of skiing was the French Alps! Sadie went with me a few times, but wasn't really that impressed. I think her age was still kinda young with all the coordination it takes. Wait... can I use that excuse, because Stephen and I struggled too. Oh man, and are we sore today!

Daddy with skis on and Sadie... photo opp!

All smiles after her few times coming down the "bunny slop"... (check out the mountains behind her!)
At the end of the day... we're all tired, but in good spirits! We had a great time... got a little bit of sun and wind burn... but it was well worth it!

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