Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cookie Party!!

Last week Sadie and I invited several of her little friends from her class and their mothers to our house for a traditional "American"cookie party. On the invitation I explained how this is a custom of ours and we'd like to share it with friends.
To my surprise... all of them came and one brought a friend! 
I was super busy with 8 or so moms and their kids (nearly 15)... but I was blessed beyond what I can explain. To have these dear sweet ladies in my home and share this time together was a gift. We were also able to share with them the real meaning of Christmas and how Jesus came as a baby, born into simplicity... and yet is the King of all! So, we celebrate His birth! 
What a treasure to share with friends! 

Here is Sadie Mac and 4 of her little princess friends... 
(caught off guard without a smile and one not looking!)

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