Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baby 3, "It's A...."

It's a BOY and as you can see (thanks to the idea of my sister-in-law with the balloons), Sadie Mac was not really excited about it. She was really, really, REALLY wanting a sister! After the video was shut down, there was a total and complete M.E.L.T -- D.O.W.N!!!! But since, she has recovered and tonight she had a ball up her shirt (being "pregnant") with A GIRL!!! She may be in denial... I think it's better she knows now and can prepare herself. A friend emailed me a few days after we found out with much wisdom and said, "I think Noah and another boy are a better match for Sadie Mac than her and another girl!!" SOOO true!

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Rachel said...

I love the video! I would love to see Sadie and Eli on Skype discussing their issues with their upcoming siblings! Actually Eli has been really excited about having another sister lately, so hopefully Sadie will warm up to the idea pretty soon as well with having a brother. Love you guys!