Monday, January 14, 2013

Favorite Memories of 2012...

So, I tried to do a top 10 of pics... but it just wasn't possible. Looking through, it was so fun to remember, reminisce, and laugh at the past year. It was fun, sad, good, and amazing at all that we've done in the past year... our first FULL year in France.
Many of these have already been on the blog... but

So... in no particular order of favorite, more so just in the timeline of the year...

Sadie and Stephen's first ski trip... in the ALPS of France!

Sadie Mac and I went for a quick trip the States in April and had a super fun time... enjoying Krispy Kreme and enjoying family!

Fun memory of taking pepperoni to our local pizza place and asking them to put it on a cheese pizza...
it was AMAZING! Always a fun and special Friday night treat while we were in language school!

Sadie's end of year trip, hiking with her class in the most beautiful mountains I've ever seen!
And sweet memories of her little best friend!

Got to SEE the Tour de France... in our town!!!

Summer = Fun in the Sun at a beach/lake near Annecy

Move to PARIS in August 2012... first trip to the Eiffel Tower as a family!

Disneyland Paris... making Sadie's birthday dreams come true!

In September, we found out Baby 3 would be arriving in 2013!

Noah's love for Elmo... even in a pumpkin!

Date Night!!! Stephen took me to see West Side Story at the Opera!!!

Mont Saint Michel... love these two.

Of course when NanNan came to visit and pose with SM in front of the fabulous Tower!

Cuddles with Grandmommie! (Poppie being here too!) ;-)

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