Sunday, January 13, 2013

Super Fun Family Outing...

In Boone, we use to (honestly before I was big enough to remember) have an ice skating rink called "Polar Palace"... and in France, this is our version of that! On Christmas Eve, the four of us ventured out and had a super fun time watching Sadie ice skate on something... that was NOT ice.
It seemed like some kind of plexiglas or something that worked for ice skates and made little shavings like ice skating would. 
It was nice because Stephen could just wear normal shoes and help her... she LOVED it! Noah also got to ride a couple of times and he was a fan! 

As night fell, they even had crazy fun lights!
This melts my heart to see them together... so sweet. 

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Rachel said...

Well it sort of looks like real ice. (ha ha except for the grid lines) .. and at least its cold enough to be real ice!! Love that you guys get to share this experience from your childhood with your kids !