Friday, October 25, 2013

Adventure to the Northern French Coast

We went on a little family day trip almost directly north to a quaint little town called Le Treport.
Perfect as it's only 2.5 hours from our house... and with enough to do to entertain us for several hours and enjoy time as as the French 5! 

Playing on a large ship anchor!

We learned as we were scoping out cities to go that most every northern city in France has a carousel with bright immaculate colors and designs. I think most are situated right near the coast line... Here is
the one in Le Treport.

We walked out on the rocky beach and waited for the cold water to hit our toes!!! 
It was sooo fun!

Fun family pics... with amazing backgrounds!

The cliffs of Normandy...

Here is the large church that sits high above the town... 

Le Treport has a funicular that (is free!!!) and takes you to the top of the cliffs!

A view from the top... it's amazing!

Thankful for our fun day together and for the adventures we're able to experience here in France!

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