Friday, October 4, 2013

My 34th Birthday... Really?!?

There are many a day when I wake up and feel 25 years old... and wonder where these three kids came from. I laugh at myself, seriously, as 25 is nearly 10 (!!!) years ago. Where as the time gone and whose kids are these? They're cute and fun... so I'll keep them... but I'm not old enough to be a mom. At least, that's how I feel. 

I am blessed beyond measure with a husband who loves me, is faithful to me and is an amazing father to my children. He's taken me around the world and shown me sights and wonders I dreamed of as a young girl. What a guy!! Love him. Thankful for him. Will forever keep and treasure him.

I am blessed with 3 heathy and beautiful treasures... and am thankful for each moment with them. They exhaust me, make me want to scream (well, lets be honest... I do from time to time...), and they are 100mph every day. They are loud, dirty, silly, fun, crazy, and wonderful. Yes, they are the reasons I'm starting to see a little salt among my brown hair. I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

I'm blessed by the assurance of my future. Jesus loves me and He holds my tomorrow in His hands. Whatever I face, I'm not alone. I know it won't always be good, but the One who will be there with me is my good Shepherd. 
34 years... Wow. Really? I'll take it. And I feel like every laugh line on my face was earned... as well as every gray hair. 

Here are some of the joys of my day:

 Cookie cake, my fav: 
Homemade from scratch by Stephen. 
Decorated by Sadie...
 and Noah

 A new lens for my camera!! 
50mm... what i've been wanting!!!

forgot to take a pic of the decorated cake until we got here...
it was SOOO GOOD!

And... birthday smiles from my baby...

Happy 34th birthday to me (on Sept. 21st, trying to post in a timely manner)... 
oh what a blessed woman I am.

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